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Wish List

Wish List

Spring is right around the corner and I can't wait because there are so many great trends that I can't wait to take part in. 

1. Color blocking...never has been my thing, but as part of the new year I'm going to take risks even if I am unsure.
2. Structured Handbag's have always peaked my interests, but I don't have any bags this sleek. Of course a little metallic adds in a piece of fun and glam to! 
3. The Star Print fad has gotten to me and I now want it
4. Sequin Shorts are perfect for a spring/summer night out, these will be next since I've already ordered the leather ones. 
5. The Hunger Games is an awesome trilogy and YES this bracelet is not only inspired by the books/movie but it's also fashionable. Sort of reminds me of the southwestern trend
6. Hot Pink Strappy Platforms- What more do I have to say? Really? 
7. Pink Cutout Dress- Now this is the type of cutout dress I've been looking for! Still ladylike, not too revealing, and shows the lovely curves. 
8. Hi Low Skirt- 5'2 is short...not only am I absolutely in love with this trend, but I'm hoping it will make me appear a little bit taller. I'd like this exact one, a pastel blush/nude color, and a bright like neon green or yellow. 

Did I mention that ALL of these items are under $50??? Time to start checkin' items off my list!
ASOS mini dress
$26 -

Cut out dress
$35 -

Chiffon blouse
$38 -

$45 -

Sequin shorts
$24 -

Qupid platform sandals
$31 -

ASOS metallic handbag
$27 -


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