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Denim Dress

Denim dresses are no new trend, they've been around a long time and have been designed & worn many different ways. Some of those ways may put many Americans to shame, like the one my mother wore when I was 6...dreadful. Lucky for us, we've seen some great denim dresses this year that were up to par. I happened to pick 2 up for myself a few months ago and I love them, one is a very fitted shift dress with 3/4 sleeves and the other is a strapless tie dye denim. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that everyone needs a denim dress, it is my new closet staple. So I've taken the hard part out and already chose 5 denim dresses that can be very versatile. Best part? All are under $60! 

Denim Dress by polkadotlife

Each one of these dresses can be dressed up or down, for day or night. 
**Work Appropriate (depending on your job)- Add a blazer or cardigan with color, sleek jewelry...statement necklaces for the more daring, and nude heels. As you can see, #5 is already accepta…

You Down With DCP's?

I'm home from Rome! The hubs and I had a wonderful time walking around the city and enjoying all the sites. Everywhere we went it was like we had to just stand there for a few minutes and absorb it all. To be in the Roman Coloseum where the Emperor Nero once stood and where gladiator games and more took was simply amazing.

   Something that wasn't so amazing about Rome...DROP CROTCH PANTS! Since I've lived in Italy for 3 years I don't know if this trend really made it into the spotlight in the states, but this is one trend that I didn't try and I probably never will. Everywhere I looked in Rome there were drop crotch pants, we'll call them DCP's. They were on young people, old people, men, women, children....all around.


Yes, not the kind that are just a little baggy, but the whole crotch is just disconnecting itself like it's trying to run away. I'm sure there is someone out there who can pull these off but I look ridiculous in D…

Clothing? No Thanks

Is it just me or is it extremely hot right now? The bathtub is going to start taking the #1 spot on my daily to do list. Fill tub with cool water, put on bathing suit, grab a margarita, and relax. That's how hot I am! I don't swim in public really grosses me out thinking of how many little children have peed in it with a smile on their face. Friday I may need to hit up the beach, and definitely once or twice next week. 

   With temperatures continuing to rise, along with the humidity level, I've come to find that I want to wear as little amount of clothes as possible. Lately that means a dress, a loose maxi skirt and tank, or a skirt and tank, and I refuse any type of denim until further notice. Don't get me wrong, I love summer time, I just wish my Italian A/C would work a little better. We have 1 wall unit that's supposed to cool the entire house...never gonna happen. 

   Since I'm pretty sure most of America is also having a heat wave of some sor…

Croatian Paradise

My husband and I are traveling as much as his work will allow for the month of July. As soon as I returned from the states I was in complete travel mode, from packing for our weekend trip to getting planned for the remainder of the month.So first up on our agenda...Plitvice National Park in Croatia. 

   Plitvice National Park is the oldest national park in Croatia and was established in 1949. In 1979 it was recognized and added to UNESCO's World Heritage List. There are 16 different lakes, hundreds of waterfalls, lush forests, and a grand amount of different species (plant & animal) that make up the park. But something interesting about these waters, is that the waterfalls change their paths, frequently from what I'm told.  

   There's really nothing to do in this area except hike through, explore, and enjoy. Once you get there that's all you'll really want to do. Plitvice has several walking/hiking paths that you can opt to take that are anywhere from 2-3 ho…