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Book Worm..."The Hunger Games"

Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanna Collins:

Let me start by saying WOW…I love this trilogy!!! Suzanna Collins did an amazing job, I felt like I was there in the arena trying to survive along with the others. If you’ve never read the books you must, you must, YOU MUST! The movie premieres March 23rd , hopefully it is as good as the books. Below is the movie trailer, it looks promising. 

The Hunger Games” is part Sci-Fi as far as the inventions/arena, laboratory made creatures, and futuristic time they live in. A bit of a romance triangle between Katniss (main character), her long time best friend Gale, and Peeta, the boy with the bread (you will know what I mean when you read it). More so it’s all about a survival instinct, not only in the “arena” where the games are held, also as the Mockingjay (leader of the rebels).  

“Hunger Games, Book 1”: The hunger games are held annually to remind the 12 districts of the control the Capitol has over the country of Panem. Each district sends 2 tributes, between the ages of 12 and 18, to an arena with the need to survive and fight to the death until only one remains. Katniss has volunteered to go in place of her 12 year old sister and as result faces many torturous obstacles in the arena. The monstrous act of killing another human being is not the only thing Katniss will face in the arena.
There are 24 tributes total…will they become allies or enemies, how will they survive, what other horrors could the Capital throw at them, who will remain standing at the final gong?

I don’t want to say anything about “Catching Fire” (book 2) or “Mockingjay” (book 3) because I’m honestly scared to ruin it. If I say too much you’ll know the ending to book one and so on. For those of you who have this trilogy under your belt, please comment and leave your thoughts/opinions.
Interested? Kindle Price- Between $5 and $8 for each download…I love my Kindle!


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