Thursday, January 26, 2012

Spring 2012 Trend: Floral

Spring 2012 Trend: Floral

One of my favorite things about spring is when the flowers start to bloom. I can plant flowers, veggies, and spices outside and put fresh smelly good flowers in my house...everything flowers excites me in the spring. So you can imagine the joy that overcame me for fashion week. Proenza Schouler's pieces were very feminine with intricate bead work and Oscar de la Renta's florals were just chin to the floor OMG gorgeous. My personal favorite (drum roll please)...Louis Vuitton's ladylike and delicate approach. 

Perfectly cut flowers, feathers, whites and creams...I would consider giving up an arm for one of these dresses! Okay maybe not, but I can be in hopes of finding something similar to this dress at a more affordable price.

PS- I actually just received my order from Forever 21 which included a few floral items (mostly shirts). But I really should have ordered those floral sequin heels to. Anyway...outfit posts with my newly purchased stuff will come soon!


  1. I love the spring time too because of all the flowers blooming and better weather! And the fact that I love to wear pastel colors during the spring, so I just can't wait!

  2. I adore florals, they appear so elegant and feminine, very beautiful for the spring <3

  3. Amazing post. Pastel is in trend now. Love your writing. That LV collection and Carousel is just amazing.


    1. Thank you! And yes the LV show had to be one of my favorites. I was drawn into it like a little could someone not be? LOL

  4. Really enjoying your blog and am your newest follower.


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