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I'm Back...

WOW has it really been that long? I swear school, work, and my business have taken over ,and I've been sooooo busy these past few months. And guess what readers, I have news for you!

1. We will be leaving Italy in a couple of months and moving back to the states. I'm sad and excited all at the same time, but leaning more toward sad of course (who in their right mind wants to leave Europe??).

2. Baby #2 is coming this summer!!! WOO WOO we are extremely excited and can't wait for HER arrival. Yesterday marked my 6 month milestone so this pregnancy is flying by.

3. I plan on giving my blog somewhat of a makeover over the next few months. Since we are moving in 2 months I'm taking a break from classes and work will be out in 1 month. That means more time for me to devote to my blog until we hove. Post will still include fashion, beauty products, books and travel but I will also be incorporating more recipes, DIY/tutorials, and just stuff about my life. Not to mention posti…