Tuesday, January 31, 2012



As we all know, tangerine has been named the tinge hue of the season for spring. Orange is

1. The color in my wardrobe that I own the least of
2. Not so flattering on myself (maybe I should let you vote on that)
3. Add to black = it's Halloween, add to white & yellow = candy corn (although such a delicious treat)
4. It's just my least favorite color
5. Brown is usually as close as I get
6. Alright alright...I hear you. Maybe I'll TRY something in a more pale or reddish/pinkish shade of this color you call orange. 

How do you feel about the hue of spring 2012?


  1. I love tangerina colour, last summer wore it a lot but still don't have anything for the new season...!

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  3. I think orange is a color that works for some, and not for others. I happen to love it...but completely agree with you about the halloween issue when worn with black. I have a fantastic tangerine orange blouse...and I love wearing it with jeans!

    Natasha ~ TashaDelrae.com


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