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When we first moved to Italy 4 years ago so many people said that it would be such a culture shock and probably take some time to get used to. Adapting to this new way of life was no issue for me. Once I stepped off the plane in Venice for the first time, I fit right in & actually felt very at home. However, moving from Italy back to the states has me a little off balance.

   Maybe it's because so much has happened in the past 2 months. Maybe it's because my house isn't completely unpacked, so it still doesn't feel like home 100%. Maybe it's because I don't know anyone here really...but I've luckily managed to make 2 friends so far (woo hoo). Maybe it's because I just miss everything about Italy. Whatever it is, I'm determined to make this feel like home asap...starting with hanging frames & art this weekend.

   I do feel like I'm going to enjoy living in the sunshine state for the next several years, but I will always miss Italy an…

Autumn is Official

As of Sunday, September 22nd, Autumn has officially arrived and I have to say that I'm quite ready. Although in Florida the fall weather hasn't really hit, I'm looking for ways to incorporate warm & cold weather pieces to get the most out of my wardrobe. Simple layering is the best way to ease into the cooler weather without having to dig out those chunky cable knit sweaters just yet.

   Here are a couple of ways to style overalls and midi skirts to transition them into the fall.

   What's your favorite look?

Kitchen Comfort & Menu

How long does it take to get settled into a new house? We've been here a month, painted 3 rooms, and there are still boxes everywhere that need to be unpacked. Half of my shoes are STILL in boxes! I understand that it's going to take a while, especially with having a newborn, but can someone just come and do it for me? One thing that is very homey to me though, is my kitchen. With it being completely unpacked, I'm able to get back in my comfort zone of cooking our meals instead of having to eat out.

   I'm a meal planner, if I wasn't it would be a hectic mess around here. This helps me to be organized and makes my life more simple. Not only that, but it ensures that my family is fed proper nutritious meals. I typically plan out 1-2 weeks worth of dinner meals at a time. I get most of the ingredients needed at my first grocery trip, but I don't like risking my fresh fruits & veggies going bad before I make a recipe.

   Below is our dinner menu for the n…

The Next Chapter

Those of you who follow my blog know that a lot has been going on in the past couple of months. We made a very long move across the pond from Italy to Florida, so we are officially living in the United States again. It was a looooonnnngggggg process that involved our family being separated for a few weeks, living in a hotel while being 36 weeks pregnant, finding a house, living out of a suitcase, and trying to get settled. And then we had a newborn baby in the mix of all this, which may seem hectic, but I think it actually calmed me down and gave me some peace. There's no better feeling in the world than meeting your little one for the first time and holding he or she securely in your arms. So let me present to you, Baby N...

Staying at home with baby and not working has been an adjustment, but I'm finally starting to get on somewhat of a schedule. I will be back to blogging more frequently which I'm very excited about as I hope you are as well. The blog will feature a var…