Sunday, January 22, 2012

Viaggio Venezia

(Gondola rides...around 60-80 euro for 30 to 45 minutes)

Venice...thought of as a beautiful and stunning place filled with romance, boutiques, cafes on every corner, lavish architecture, and the ever famous gondolas. It must be said, the American image of this foreign city is mostly correct! The only downfalls I find are the tourists, the prices, the stairs & no ramps (hard to do with a stroller), and of course the FAKE purse people that drive you crazy. Of course, the great things about Venice trump the not so great.

(Basilica di San Marco)

(Basilica di San Marco)

(Piazza di San Marco)

The Basilica di San Marco is the #1 must see in Venice and is located in the famous San Marco's Square. I have been in Italy for 2 1/2 years now and am sad to say that I have yet to go inside the church (Basilica di San Marco). The line is always so long that it wraps around to the back side...and when you have a toddler with you waiting in such a long line really isn't an option. I will visit Venice several more times and I WILL make it into the church. That's a guarantee!!! But I have found out that you can make a reservation to avoid the line, it's just certain months of the year that this service is available (I'll do this). 

(Artists table)

Everywhere you turn in Venice, especially on the main strip, is an artist capturing the beauties of the city. Buying a painting is extremely difficult if you're anything like me because I can never pick with all the choices. It's like I'm strolling up and down the strip waiting for the perfect one to jump up and say "Hey you, I'm it! I'm the one you want...I'll look great on your walls!" Yea, never gonna That's okay Mr. Perfect Painting, one day I will find you. 
(Winged Lion of Venice)
The Lion of St. Mark has a history and a meaning that you can read by clicking HERE.The winged lion is the complete opposite of Where's Waldo. Instead, try counting how many lions you can spot while touring.

Carnivale isn't far away (mid February) and for those of you who don't know, it's a huge celebration/party/festival in the streets of Venice. People wear costumes, there are galas, shows, stages, music, and fun fun fun. Pictures will be shared because that's something I wouldn't want you to miss. But until then, here are a few more pictures around Venice to hold you over.

"A realist, in Venice, would become a romantic by mere faithfulness to what he saw before him." (Quote by - Arthur Symons) 

"In the winter, Venice is like an abandoned theatre. The play is finished, but the echoes remain." (Quote by - Arbit Blatas)

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