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Hometown Epidemic

The zombie apocalypse has reached my hometown and taken over!

Okay so maybe not the zombie's, but isn't the FLU close enough?

   Our school systems have completely shut down the past 2 days because of the amount of staff and students absent because of sickness. My children (luckily) don't get sick often so I was hoping we'd kind of slide right by it this winter. Wednesday my oldest starting feeling bad with a sore throat and Thursday it had progressed to fever, cough, chills, headache and more. So I took her to the Dr yesterday and she tested positive for the flu.

The hardest thing about this is
#1- Trying to keep a 7 year old contained in a room so **FINGERS CROSSED** no one else in the house gets it.

#2- Trying to make a 16 month old understand that sissy can't play because she's sick. So now I'm dealing with a sick child and a pissed off baby, isn't that fun?

#3- Medicines are not meant to taste good...tell that to my daughter. If it doesn't have a good flavor then be prepared for a crying battle. But mommy always wins.

   I really hope she's better in a couple days and that once the flu leaves it doesn't develop into a secondary illness. Christmas isn't going to be very fun for her if she's still not feeling well. I hope you are all staying healthy and feeling fabulous. If you do come down with the flu make sure to stay hydrated, get plenty of rest, and dose up on the

Happy Friday!


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