Tuesday, December 16, 2014

High End Cheekers

   Blush & highlighters have become a recent obsession of mine because it's so fun to play around with the colors and combinations, especially during the colder months. I don't personally own any high end blushes (I know, it's terribly sad), but I do have a wide collection of drugstore brands. That will be changing very soon because I seriously lurked over the Chanel & Bobbi Brown counter in Macy's the other day like a puppy in a window. The Chanel holiday limited edition Camelia De Plumes Highlighting powder is absolutely to die for and I was trying to justify spending the $72. On one hand it is limited edition, so get it now or forever hold your peace...but $72??? UGH! However, the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks are almost half the price. So I guess I'll wait for the next Sephora % off coupon and snatch one up. So here are a few that I'm currently obsessing and debating over. 

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