Monday, December 15, 2014

Closet Staple: Boyfriend Jeans

I recently moved from a blistering hot state to one with possible harsh winters, let's start by saying this cold is really getting to me. I don't own big chunky sweaters or even many winter coats. So for now I'm trying to improvise with what I have. I NEED NEW WINTER CLOTHES! Can we say after Christmas shopping? AND this time I actually have a legitimate reason. 

Boyfriend jeans are a must have for everyone for every season, no matter your personal style. Whether you prefer a look that is romantic, sporty, boho, edgy, it doesn't matter...these jeans are completely versatile and not to mention comfortable. These jeans have been my go to this entire year and I love how easily they transition from casual to dressy. 

Hope you like the outfits I've put together! What's your favorite way to wear boyfriend jeans? 

Boyfriend Jeans

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