Friday, February 17, 2012

Little Style 'Spiration

Sorry for the MIA act this past week...please forgive me? Great! Now that we're all back on track and there are no hard feelings, here we go! 

ASOS is a great place to look for inspiration and I find myself browsing through looks quite frequently. Personally I'd rather see what "real" people are wearing instead of celebrities who have stylists. Here are a few looks that caught my eye...
---In the caption of each photo I've added the link. You can view it on the ASOS site and also see other looks from that person.

1. 70's vibe is what I got from the dress and I love it. The colors go so perfect with her red hair and make her skin glow as well.

View here

2.Orange and blue...such a beautiful, bright, warm weather color combo. Check out this on ASOS, she has more color combos like this.

View here

 3.  Beautiful, a pairing well done. The mix of dressy/high fashion (fur skirt) with the casual sweater and denim vest is very appealing to the eye.

View here

4. Can we say hold winter goddess? Snow on the ground, I'm jealous how beautiful, it adds to the etheral fairy tale-ish feeling.

View here


  1. 1. shoes
    2. bag
    3. skirt
    4. boots

    sooo cool!
    come and visit my blog! and follow back. couse im now a new follower :))

  2. All these looks are so stylish, thanks for sharing!


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