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Free Valentine's Cards from Free People

Who doesn't love a totally cute and unique Valentine's card? The creative ones at Free People have come up with 3 adorably sweet printable cards that you can customize for your valentine. 
My personal favorite has to be the honey bear! That probably has something to do with this...when I was little, every time I visited my grandparents I wanted toast with honey on it. Yes I know that has nothing to do with V-Day, but to this day I will not buy American honey unless it's in the

Our love is...just like honey

Love is...for the birds

The birds are cute to, and I especially love the watercolor-ish handmade feel of it.

You are a fox

You are a fox....why thank you! This is definitely the one I want my hubs to give to me. LOL

Aren't these all just great? To download the files and send these cutesy cards to that special someone click here

Here are also a few items that I'm currently obsessing over from Free People...

Lace & Mesh Long Sleeve Slip here

Lissie Glitter Heel (Black/Blue/Rasberry) here

Floral Denim Shrunk Blazer here

And has anyone shopped Free People's Vegan Leather Collection? OMG everything is to die for!!! Go take a look here and let me know what you think. 


  1. Love that floral blazer, it is absolutely fantastic!

    The Urban Umbrella

  2. Very cute, love the floral denim blazer and the dress she's wearing with it :) xx

  3. love the shoes! :):)
    ooo i want those!

  4. those are so cute! i love the fox one. and that floral blazer is pretty great too!

  5. These are so cute, thanks for sharing!

  6. These are cute, and I love the items you picked! Gotta love Free People.

    - Shannon

  7. cooool stuff :))

    come and see my blog too

  8. Thanks for sharing the cards!! they are so cute!!!!

    love k


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