Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Let's Get It Started...

   WOW...it has been soooo busy these past few months!!! I just got back from traveling to the states to visit with my family for a while. I had such a wonderful time, it's always refreshing to see the family and old friends. Not to mention getting my shop on in an American mall...yea yea! I also noticed that YES, summer is officially here seeing as how the temperature was like 103 in KY and it's been in the 90's here in Italy. Beaches get ready cuz here I come! I'm super excited for this summer because we have lots of trips and stuff planned, which begin this weekend in Croatia. Also coming up is Cyprus, Paris or London, Rome, and several day trips to places more close by.

I would love to know where my readers are traveling to this summer! 

   Not only will you be seeing more travel type posts, but also quite a bit about fitness and nutrition. I have really done bad while in the states on my vacation...but wait...aren't I allowed since I only go home like once a year? Anyway, I need to get back on my regular workout schedule and back to following my nutrition rules. And since I typically receive questions about my workout routines and what I eat, why not just share it with you all to? Be my motivators on those dreary down days :-)

What do you do for fitness?


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