Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Croatian Paradise

   My husband and I are traveling as much as his work will allow for the month of July. As soon as I returned from the states I was in complete travel mode, from packing for our weekend trip to getting planned for the remainder of the month.So first up on our agenda...Plitvice National Park in Croatia. 
One of the many waterfalls, this one I found to be pretty awesome

   Plitvice National Park is the oldest national park in Croatia and was established in 1949. In 1979 it was recognized and added to UNESCO's World Heritage List. There are 16 different lakes, hundreds of waterfalls, lush forests, and a grand amount of different species (plant & animal) that make up the park. But something interesting about these waters, is that the waterfalls change their paths, frequently from what I'm told.  

Everywhere you look, water is coming out of something

   There's really nothing to do in this area except hike through, explore, and enjoy. Once you get there that's all you'll really want to do. Plitvice has several walking/hiking paths that you can opt to take that are anywhere from 2-3 hours up to 6-8. Of course I choose the long one, I didn't want to miss a single thing. We were a little hopefully that a bear or a boar may cross paths with us, but those hopes and dreams were shot down with failure. The only animals we saw were butterflies really, lots and lots and lots of butterflies. 321 species of butterflies have been recorded in the park, along with 55 species of orchids (my fave flower). 
The waters, as you can see, are crystal clear pretty much everywhere

   The best way that I've seemed to describe Plitvice is this...think dinosaur movies, that may or may not be a cartoon. Remember how some were set in a beautiful location that seemed so exotic with crystal waters, bountiful with plants and animals, and always had a waterfall? Got it in your head? Ok good! That is basically what I walked into when I entered the park. It was almost unrealistic how gorgeous and magical it felt. Hubs kept telling me "Slow down Britney, we have all day and the water's not going anywhere." The more excited I become, the faster I started We spent all day Saturday walking around and hiking up the trails. We could've finished much earlier but taking it all in and even seeing some things twice was completely worth it and fulfilling. 
Don't mind me
This waterfall is literally called "Big Waterfall"

   Lookout points were all around when you're at the upper part of the lakes. We were able to see a whole other magical scene from these. Therefore I took it upon myself to stop at every on. So here's a few ariel shots for you to ooooo and aahhhh over. 

At the bottom left, where the walkway splits, it takes you to the bottomless/ceiling-less cave

   Plitvice is open year round so we are going to try and go back either in winter or early spring. Can you imagine all of this covered in snow and ice? I bet it's even more magical and romantic than it already is. Hope you enjoyed the pictures and if you're ever in Croatia go here.

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