Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Clothing? No Thanks

   Is it just me or is it extremely hot right now? The bathtub is going to start taking the #1 spot on my daily to do list. Fill tub with cool water, put on bathing suit, grab a margarita, and relax. That's how hot I am! I don't swim in public really grosses me out thinking of how many little children have peed in it with a smile on their face. Friday I may need to hit up the beach, and definitely once or twice next week. 

   With temperatures continuing to rise, along with the humidity level, I've come to find that I want to wear as little amount of clothes as possible. Lately that means a dress, a loose maxi skirt and tank, or a skirt and tank, and I refuse any type of denim until further notice. Don't get me wrong, I love summer time, I just wish my Italian A/C would work a little better. We have 1 wall unit that's supposed to cool the entire house...never gonna happen. 

   Since I'm pretty sure most of America is also having a heat wave of some sort, I've searched for cute summery dresses that are affordable. 

Summer Time Comfort

   Bright colors, playful patterns, and most importantly a dress that doesn't cling to the body (who wants sweat stains? ugh). Today's lesson, the 3 C' this flammable weather stay comfy, cool, and cute.


  1. haha yes i can't believe how hot it is getting in some parts! i used to live on the east coast and they are getting 100+ weather and now i can't imagine that because it will be like 85 and it will feel hot! i love these dressed the floral with the little cut outs is probably my fave, stay cool!


    1. I'm beginning to wonder when it's going to start cooling down, and August isn't even here yet!

  2. The humidity here is what If it's really 85 then it feels like it's 100 degrees. So I have been wearing dresses and stuff like that majority of the time. If only I could stay at the beach every single day until it starts to cool down. Hahah

  3. very nice items!!

  4. WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THE BATHTUB THING?? I've been dying. Thinking about buying a baby pool and hoping that my landlord won't kill me for ruining the grass. I love the colors, I have been oddly drawn to brights recently...I'll have to update my closet with a few pieces. Cheers to another 90 degree day! *clinks margarita glass*

    instead of an elephant

  5. I like your blog, I like your style, everything is fine!
    If you like my blog, we can follow each other)))

  6. Love that rainbow dress, that is adorable - totally cute for summer since it is so bright!

    The Urban Umbrella

  7. These are great pieces!

  8. it´s so special what i see here.


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