Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hop On The Bandwagon?

So I noticed that I made a boo-boo and only posted the pictures here's the full post for those of you that already saw that. 

A huge S/S 2012 trend that's happening right now is the scarf print. I find it kinda vintage, retro, and a little old grandma-ish...but it works and I like it.
Scarf Print Trend

This is one of those trends that you either love it or ya hate it, I don't think there's really an in between here for a lot of people. Personally, I love it in one piece of clothing and not head to toe. Above you can see the yellow leggings and bra top are the exact same, but I wouldn't be in both at the same time. On a beautiful tall model it may look great, not on my 5'2 petite frame. But I definitely need to add something scarf print to my "to buy" list.

For those of you having trouble with this trend or not knowing what to wear with it, here's a few examples using pieces in the above photo. 

Wearing Scarf Print

-To mix and match prints, let the top half be more subtle. Try a white blouse with small polka dots
-Play off the colors in the shorts with a top in the same color family. Here I added a darker purple shirt to contrast with the light purple at the top of the shorts. The colors are pretty close but not exact. 
-Bra tops and bustiers are fitted very close to the body so keep the bottom a little looser or something the flows away from the body.
-Add a blazer/cardigan to change up the look or wear to work.
- Add a cardigan or blazer in color instead of black.
-With such a busy allover print, keep the accessories and shoes simple.

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  1. So great clothes, lovely colors and great ideas and tips! Thanks for this post:)♥!

    Have a awesome day!
    Love, Iris

  2. I like this trend =)

  3. I love everything! Great blog! Following you :) I'd love for you to follow me too!

  4. i actually really love this trend! it's really old luxerious looking!

    1. At first it was a little "off" for me but now I love it! And yes, old luxurious is what I think to.

  5. I love everything on scarf print!!!! specially that oasis t-shirt dress!!! I bought a dress not so long ago that I hope to wear soon, if the weather let´s me!!! :) xo, Alma


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