Monday, April 2, 2012

Book Worm..."The 19th Wife"

The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff

 Can read about the book and author here

   The 19th Wife is a novel that mixes in historical and modern day Mormonism and polygamy. The author, David Ebershoff, got the idea about writing this novel from the memoirs of Ann Eliza Young called Wife #19, which I need to read. Before reading this book I knew nothing about either subject, and I will admit that I've always associated Mormonism and polygamy together with a slight negative outlook. Now I know who founded the religion, a little about the beliefs, and the 2 sides of polygamy within the Mormon religion.  
   The novel begins in modern day time about a boy, Jordan,  that has been excommunicated and finds his mother caught up in a murder case back is Mesadale (the polygamist town). She claims that she wasn't the one who committed the crime. Jordan must face in internal struggle of should he help his mother or not after how she just abandoned him and leave his life on hold.

   The other side to this novel is from the perspective of Ann Eliza, one of Joseph Young's many wives. She tells about how the church has changed over her lifetime, the prophet, her parents and their marriage, her own doubt of this religion, and her coming to be Young's wife. For me, this part of the book gave me a lot of background information that I never knew. It helped me to understand the rest of the story and the whys & ifs. 

   I would definitely recommend this book to anyone. My eyes have been opened about Mormonism and it also gave me the curiosity to read other books/information about different religions. The only downfall to me about the book was in the beginning I got a little confused with the flip flopping between the 2 stories, but I caught on pretty quick. Definitely add this one to your "to read" list and let me know your thoughts on this one. Do you have any books to recommend to me?

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