Friday, June 21, 2013

   Where do my readers live? Is it so hot that you don't want to cook, clean, get dressed, or move from in front of the AC? That's exactly how I'm feeling and I know the pregnancy contributes to a lot of that, but WOWZERS! I keep saying that it's usually not in the 90's in June here (and I know I'm wrong) but my 7 1/2 month belly makes the temperature seem more like 110. Just think though, we'll be moving to Florida next month, I know it has to be more humid and hot there than here! I'm looking at the glass half full because the beach is only going to be like 15 minutes away as opposed to the 45 minute drive now. Which by the way I'm taking complete advantage of my empty schedule tomorrow to hit up the beach and cool off in the ocean.

   From now until August my goal is to wear the least amount of clothes as possible and still look good. Granted my choices are limited right now since the movers have already taken most of our household goods, but I'm working with what I have. I'll actually try to get an outfit pic of today's maternity look so I can share it tomorrow. I did a quick round up of dresses, skirts, and a few accessories that are fab for this weather. For me this time of year is definitely not the time to wear many fitted items that are going to cling to my body and make my body temperature increase by 10

Beat the Heat of Summertime

   During summer the beach is always on my mind and as you can see, the colors above show that in greens, blues, and oranges. My favorite piece from here has to be the orange animal dress from TopShop, then I would say the denim RL skirt because it's classic & all American for the upcoming 4th of July. Also, did you see the super cute headbands? I have yet to find one that actually looks good on me...that's my new mission when I hit the American malls again in a few months.

   What are your favorite summer outfits to beat the heat?

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