Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Voyager la Côte d'Azur- Cannes & Nice

   Living in Italy for 4 years has given us many opportunities to travel and we've thoroughly enjoyed every bit of that and will miss is dearly. So much that I cringe a little at the fact of moving back stateside. One place that a lot of people don't think to go to, would be the French Riviera. This is mostly a beach, nightlife, and gambling spot but we did none of those things. Why? Well for starters it was too flippin cold to worry about getting in the water, and no partying/gambling because we had our 5 year old daughter with us for this trip as well. Either way we had an amazing time, ate lots of wonderful food, and had the chance to see some beautiful things while there. St. Paul-de-Vence, Cannes, Nice, and Monaco were on the agenda along with a long, exhausting bus ride there and back. Even though I slept like crap and was uncomfortable during the 8 hours bus ride, it was well worth it.

   Our first stop was Cannes, which of course is most famous for the Cannes Film Festival that takes place in May. We did get our picture taken on the red carpet where all the celebs go and browsed through the hands of fame.
Angelina Jolie, Johnny Hallyday, & Meg Ryan

   I was totally bummed that the weather sucked the day we were there because the beaches looked gorgeous. If it hadn't been so cold, windy, and a little rainy we would have at least put our feet in and walked on the sand.

Cannes beach in the morning

   There was also a magnificent antique market going on while we were there. I really wish the prices weren't so darn expensive because there were several things that really caught my eye. Unfortunately there were so many signs on the tables saying no photos. The antique cameos were beautiful, unlike many that I've seen before, the cheapest I found was 160 euro. Silver serving trays, French books, lace, and much more. I kept thinking to my myself, okay this is what I would do with that. But you know how it is when your husband is there with you and you're trying to look through stuff? They just don't understand There is an antique market here in my town the 1st Sunday of the month, I will be going to that since we are moving soon and will post pictures. So back to France. In the center of town there was an old carousal, coincidence of being right next to the antique market maybe, but the perfect touch. I literally stood there and stared at it for a few minutes just imagining this carousal in it's hay day. Even without the actual up & down pieces, it's just simply beautiful in it's own way.

   Let me tell you about French food...OMG, heaven, paradise, tasty, mouth watering, everything I hoped it would be...does that pretty much wrap it up? Our lunch was 7 euro each and that included sandwich, drink and dessert. I had the most amazing chicken baguette sandwich! It only had (juicy & tender) chicken, lettuce, tomato, and cheese but the sauce took it over the top. I know there was some horseradish in there but not sure what other ingredients they used, I may have to see how close I can come myself. My husband and I took forever to decide on which desserts to get, we went with a white chocolate cream & a honey cream pastry. You can't even say these don't look friggin awesome!
The best desserts!

   The 2nd stop was Nice and to be honest we didn't really do a lot here besides walk around the town, look in shops, and eat more food. We thought there was going to be more time in Nice but we didn't get there until late afternoon and left at 830 am to head for another town. However, the crowd without kids did go clubbing and from the looks of them the next morning, they had a pretty fun time. But I would like to share a few pictures of the beautiful church and more delicious food that we had.
Church in Nice, France

Church in Nice, France

Check back in a few days for Part 2 which includes Monaco & St. Paul-de-Vence!

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