Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sittin' On The Dock

Some of you may have already figured this out, but I can be a little slow at times. I was doing the calculations in my head the other day and realized that HEY, IT'S MARCH PEOPLE!!! In 3 months (give or take) it will be time for toes in the sand and pina coladas in hand. I plan on being at the beach atleast once a week since it's only an hour drive, so I need to start preparing and browsing swim suits. 

Last year I bought this bikini from Victoria's Secret...
Love it, very feminine and cute
click here
 Well here's the back of
Cheeky Bottom
 In the description of the bikini bottom it should have said "CAUTION: If you have a small backside then you will not have a problem, BUT if you do have a booty on ya then half of it will be visible to all around you." Well guess what? I'm a small girl yes but I do have a booty, you can ask my people if ya don't believe. I only wore this bikini to the lake twice but this year it's going to the beach with me! I love it and the colors are great on me (more coral in person than hot pink) so it's time to get brave. 

My Beach Prep:
1. I will be starting P90X (for the 2nd time) on Monday. The program is 3 months long so it's perfect timing for me. Along with this workout, I also do Zumba and Pilates a few times a week (not on Ab Ripper days). If you've never done's a great program but damn it will kill you in the
2. With my workout programs I do a meal replacement smoothie/shake for lunch usually every other day. 
3. Continue on with eating healthy and I try my best to keep this habit all year round. -NO fast food, which isn't hard because Italy doesn't really have that option. -Cut back on the pop/soda/coke/whatever else you may call it. 
4. And last not definitely NOT least, find me some more bikinis. So here are just a few that I like from Victoria's Secret.
Love this cover up...HERE
What is your favorite place to shop for swimwear?

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