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Book Worm..."The Help"


Book Description (at Amazon) of The Help by Kathryn Stockett...

Set in the 1960's when the largest issue in the United States is segregation between the whites and blacks. The issue may be worse than ever down in Jackson, Mississippi but not one person is going to talk about it. 

Skeeter has a wonderful but dangerous plan that could ruin her life and take the lives of those around her. She crosses the imaginary lines between the social classes in hopes to get a point across and ignite a change. With the help of Minny and Aibileen, two black maids that work for white women, you will see the many heartaches, attitudes, and friendships that bring these three women together. 

My thoughts- Book vs. Movie:

Couldn't put the book down, I read half the book on the first day. It's just one of those that pulls you in and doesn't let you go. Kathryn wrote in the voices of each character and it made you feel like you were sitting across the table eating fried chicken and having a conversation with sassy mouthed Minny. 
Oh Minny, when it tells about the Terrible! Awful! I just laughed out loud thinking good for her, Miss Hilly needed to learn a lesson. Miss Hilly is President of The League and someone that everyone looks up to for approval. In my opinion she is also the biggest bee-otch in the book as well! How are you going to let a black maid care for your children, but turn around and be afraid of catching disease by sharing a toilet with that person? 
Racism and segregation are definitely portrayed, along with the old, current, and new relationships made along the way. Obviously the point of the book is to show that people are people regardless of color, background, age, or social status. But I love the way Aibileen trys to teach the children this concept and loves them in what seems like more than their own moms do. I'd say Mae Mobley is lucky to have Aibileen in her life and vice versa.

As soon as I finished the book I watched the movie (yes I know I'm behind) and have to say that it was good but the book is a gazillion times more entertaining. I just felt like the movie left so much out and it aggravated me. You can't just leave half the story out...who does that?!?! The book plays more on Minny and Aibileen whereas the movie mostly concentrates on Skeeter and the book. Plus in the movie you don't get to hear about all the stories the maid's tell about the white families. Celia Foote's character was right on track as far as not knowing the lines with the help, her personality, and the way everyone else despised her, but the movie doesn't showcase her near as much as the book. So to me it felt like we were missing a person...hope that makes sense. And what about one of the racist acts in the book with Louvenia's boy that wasn't in the movie? I really thought that would be included. 

Okay, I can't tell you everything because that would spoil Seriously I was making a mental list of it all while I was watching the movie. I think if you liked the movie than you definitely need to read the book!

Have you read the book? Seen the movie? Both? What are your opinions?

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