Sunday, October 28, 2012

Print Blending

In the spring and summer, mixing prints was all the rage. As you can probably tell from magazines and fashion shows, that trend is here to stay a while longer. Just the other day I tried some mixing with an outfit similar to this...

I thought it turned out pretty cute, I'll have to snap a picture and replace this picture for the real thing. That was a subtle take on print blending and now I have more ideas that I'd like to try this fall/winter season. 

Fall Print Blending

Leopard & Stripes- Florals paired with stripes were a big trend and still are. But I wanted to take stripes to a different level and mix it up with something fresh that we don't see a lot of. This one can be a bit tricky though if you start adding in too much color or too large/too small spots and stripes. In my opinion, this mix is best if it is kept at a minimal

Plaid & Floral- Again, let's put something else with florals! The light bulb went off for this pairing when I went to Forever21 online and saw their take on "floral grunge." It was a combination of floral, plaid, and stripes so I down played it just a tad. 

Skulls & Polka Dots- Two great prints, who can resist? I took a more girly approach to this outfit with a pencil skirt and glittery pumps. Layer a black lacy bandeau under the top for a sexy night look or a cami and blazer for work. 

What are your favorite prints to combine? EMAIL me with your "print blending" photos for a chance to be featured on Polka Dot Life.  

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