Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Not Only Ruins & Relics- Part 1

I'm ashamed to say this, really it pains me, but I've lived in Italy 3 years and have just recently made it to Rome. I also haven't been to Milan yet but that trip is on the calendar. All of this anticipation had been building up inside me for an eternity which I believe made the trip even better because I was a spectrum beyond excitement. We had a wonderful trip and everything about it was perfect. Show and tell time, hope you can experience the excitement on your personal guide through Rome. :-)
PS- Be ready to look at pictures, lots of pictures.

Rome, along with the rest of Italy, is filled with the most beautiful churches that you will ever lay eyes on. One of my favorites is the Santa Maria degli Angeli. The church was designed by Michelangelo and is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the angels, and the Christians that died while building the baths. You can brush up on the history HERE

Walked in, looked up, this is what I saw. How gorgeous is the coloring?

Main Alter

Architecture surrounding the ceilings

The biggest organ I've ever seen!

Ceiling above the main alter
To lie or not to lie...that is the question! The Bocca della Verita, mouth of truth, has an interesting funny story behind it. Legend has it that if a liar puts a hand in the mouth, the mouth will clamp down and never return the hand. 

Way back when, a head honcho man knew his wife was cheating on him, so he took her to the Bocca della Verita to test her truths. The wife outsmarted the husband, as women usually do, and revised her own pretty genius plan. She had her lover run up to her in the middle of the crowd, grab her, and kiss her. He's escorted away by guards yada yada yada. Before placing her hand in the mouth she says "I have never kissed any man besides my husband and of course the crazy man that just kissed me." GENIUS when you really think about it. 

It's now said that since the mouth was "tricked" that it no longer holds the power to determine between a liar and an honest person. I still have my hand and so does everyone else so you be the judge. 

I wonder if everyone gets that quick spark of nervous energy when they stick their hand in?

I'm pretty certain that "domes" became my obsession in Rome. I man c'mon really, who and why thought to build such beautiful things and put them on the ceiling? 

Angels everywhere

This is extremely impressive and the picture doesn't do it justice

Broader view of the 1st dome

Keep lookin' out for round 2 of the Rome trip. 

Small street way in Rome

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